“We must not lose our faculty to dare, especially in dark days.” - Churchill in March, 1942.

Sir Winston Churchill Lodge, #351, of Minneapolis, chartered in 2009, is Minnesota's first evening lodge to have been founded in 25 years. Why Churchill? Why form a new lodge? 

WM Alexander commissioned an SWC medallion, a gift for all members and guests in 2016. Are you carrying yours?

Careful readers will note the small fez icon below. It takes you to the Shriner "Chairmen" website, which shares space with ours. The top hat brings you back.

October Meeting - Brethren, Bro. Bell, our SW has invited us to his home in St. Paul for our October meeting, to be held Friday, Oct 21st at 6PM (7PM gavel).Pro tip: you can park on the street or in the law school parking lot across the street. A terrific meal will be served, and a fine selection of beverages. We anticipate a superb evening. Our officers plan a philosophical gem for the LEO presentation. Details: on the Events page. Be a stand-up fellow, and RSVP!

Polo (shirts) and ties, anyone? - We need to buy more of these collectable treasures, having sold through our entire inventory once again. Let us know if you have a particular type of item in mind.

Have you got your Pin and Gloves? Churchill Lodge members and supporters may be recognized by their distinctive, lodge pins, gloves and ties. These and other items are available from our Supply Depot...

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