? Churchill Lodge Events

Churchill (SWC) events are Blue and Black. Shrine events are in Dark Red. Special Events are in Green.

Upcoming Events

SWC November Stated Meeting - Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022

Our busy November meeting will mark the birth of our Patron, Sir Winston Churchill, to be paired with a Festive Board on Tuesday, [new date] November 29th at 6:00PM at Lake Harriet Lodge Hall, 4519 France Avenue So., in Minneapolis.  This event will include election of officers. Brethren practicing the Festive Board parts should arrive no later than 5:30, a social gathering hour will begin at 6PM, with the gavel dropping promptly at 7PM. The event is being organized by our own WB Jason Berger. Please watch this space for new details as they are forthcoming. Please also RSVP with your host or the Secretary. Tickets now on sale at our Supply Depot, on Square.

Toasts to the youth, manhood and age of our patron will be the highlight of the evening...

        Click here for a full-size poster to distribute far and wide!

Churchill's Birthday - Nov. 29, 2022

Let's raise a glass!  We're excited to announce the Churchill Birthday Toast for 2022 will be celebrated on Tuesday, November 29th with a Festive Board.  This, our 14th Annual rememberance will be open to guests of your choice (wives, girlfriends, lads), with a social gathering hour beginning at 6PM at Lake Harriet Masonic Hall, 4519 France Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN. Write to our Secretary, MWB Thomas Jackson if you have questions, and please reserve the evening!

Tickets, just $30 now on sale, at our Supply Depot on Square.

SWC Breakfast - THURSDAY, Dec 1, 2022

Join the brethren for breakfast if you can, at 7AM on the first Thursday of each month, at Perkins near Hwy 494 and France. See WB Ramsour with questions.

Sinatra's 107th Birthday - Monday, Dec. 12, 2022

Raise a toast, boys. It's the 107th birthday of Frank Sinatra on December 12. Keep tuned to this space and see Chairmen CEO Nels Peterson for details of our toast to The Man.

Shrine Chairmen Meeting - Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2022

Thankfully, about the same time you are hankerin' for a cigar, the Chairmen like to meet up for our monthly board meeting. All are welcome. As usual, very important decisions will be made. Harumph. We'll meet for dinner and our normal smoker, at Jax Cafe, at 7PM unless we've sent a meeting location change - look for it. Being the gentleman that you are, please RSVP through our CIO, Steve Miller if you plan to go. We'll look for you. Questions? See Nels Peterson, yer CEO.

SWC December Stated Meeting - Friday, Dec. 16, 2022

Our December 16th meeting will be held at the home of WB Tim Jirak, at 3320 Queensland Lane No., Plymouth, MN. [Note, this is a new location] The normal schedule will apply; gathering at 6PM with the meeting beginning at 7:00PM SHARPLY. We will quickly install our new officers at this meeting, and enjoy the traditions of an English Christmas and feast graciously provided by our hosts. Our WM-elect will discuss several high-profile events for the coming year. Dress is business casual. Brethren, please RSVP with the Secretary. A meeting invitation and treasurer's report will be distributed electronically. We look forward to carols around the fire pit and a philosophical discussion, a popular feature of our meetings, on the following subject:

        Topic will be posted shortly

Gentleman's Luncheon - Sat., Dec. 24, 2022

Shane and Friends will gather for a holiday lunch at Noon, Saturday, December 24th. We have a large room reserved and our own bartender for the 40+ expected. Many of you are regulars at this event. We will gather again at Jax Cafe, 1928 University Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418. The first of us (festivus?) will roll in at 11:30AM, camping by the bar, then take our tables upstairs for the Noon reservation. There may be a cigar or two lit by the fire outside if it's not too cold. Begin yer holiday cheer early. before you head our for yer last minute shopping and home to the family! Please RSVP through our friend and brother, Shane Wendt if you plan to go. Look for a group of handsome fellas in their snappy holiday wear - dat's us. The reservation will be under "Wendt", and the hostess will guide you to the room, if you don't already know the way.

Boxing Day - Always  December 26th

An English tradition, Boxing Day is the day after Christmas. As we've done for years, Churchill brothers invite their lodge brothers and a few friends to drop by at late morning or after church for a pint of good cheer at Brits Pub, at 1110 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis. Let's raise a toast at this very relaxed, very British afterglow of the Christmas holiday. Bring your stories and any trailing gifts to share.

Zuhrah Shrine New Year's Day Breakfast, January 1, 2023

Twin Cities' Masons, whether Shriners or not, are invited to gather at 9AM for an excellent breakfast with Zuhrah Shrine, at the Zuhrah Shrine building, 6120 Blue Circle Drive, Hopkins, MN 55343. Many of us will be there - It's been a tradition for years. Let the family sleep in, don your sportcoat, and come enjoy a wonderful brunch to kick off the year right. Contact Dan Akins for details, at 612-387-7731.

Here's Zuhrah's website.

SWC January Stated Meeting - Friday, Jan. 20, 2023

Our January 20th meeting will be held at the home of ______________, at _________________ _____________. The normal schedule will apply; gathering at 6PM with the meeting beginning at 7:00PM SHARPLY. Dress is business casual. Brethren, please RSVP with the Secretary. A meeting invitation and treasurer's report will be distributed electronically. We look forward to relaxing around the fire pit and a philosophical discussion, a popular feature of our meetings, on the following subject:

        Topic will be posted shortly

One Day Class - Saturday, Jan. 21, 2023

Our Grand Lodge hosts an annual degree event called the One Day to Masonry at the beautiful Minneapolis Scottish Rite hall.  Petitioners who are unable to attend a standard set of our three Degrees, spread over three or so months, may opt to enjoy the rituals on a single Saturday. Expert ritualists from across the state convene to provide a terrific performance of our degrees, interspersed with discussion sessions and meals. When Churchill Lodge sponsors a petitioner (~candidate) using the One Day Class, he will be pleased to see several Churchill Lodge brethren as participants in the degree performances and discussions - we'll be there with you. These events are busy days, with well over 100 participants supporting classes of perhaps 25 new Masons each time.

Should a petitioner wish to join via this "short form" of the degree series, endorsement (an affirmative vote) is still required by us or one of Minnesota's other constituent lodges.  However, a slightly lower degree fee ($250) is required versus when we run the degrees ourselves. 

Masonic degrees, whether performed by Churchill Lodge using Minnesota's ritual, or by the One Day team, are equivalent. Upon the completion of the Third Degree, a fellow then would come to the next lodge meeting, to sign the Book of Constitutions and be warmly welcomed as a Master Mason in good standing.

The registration deadline is Wednesday, January 11, 2023. Time is running short, please don't delay.

Here is the link for the 2023 event, with more information about times and arrangements..

Write to our Secretary, MWB Thomas Jackson if you have questions.



2022 Churchill Mtg dates

Most meetings are the Third Friday of each month, 6PM social hour, 7PM gavel, dinner by 8:30PM. We'll have events all 12 months of the year, almost always "Stated" (~for business) and at least one will be at a lodge hall (Annual Mtg). These dates and locations are all subject to dispensation. Guests are warmly welcomed to attend. All meetings will include our normal philosophical discussions, passing of the charitable hat, correspondence and quick business. SWC meetings will be paired with high quality dinners and terrific fellowship.
Pending dispensation, here are the scheduled meeting dates for 2022:
Jan 21 – Stated (Minnesota Work) at Tim Jirak’s home in Plymouth
Feb 18 – Stated (Minnesota Work) at Jason Berger’s Party Room, in Edina
Mar 18 – Stated (Minnesota Work) at Tim Jirak’s home in Plymouth
April 8-9 - Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge, at the Waite Park Event Center
April 12 - Lynnhurst Turkey Dinner, held at Lost Spur Supper Club, 5PM social, 6:30 dinner.
Apr 15 – Zoom meeting, 6PM. Meeting instructions sent on request, ask tom (at) pro-activemktg.com
May 26 - THURSDAY – Stated (Minnesota Work) at Paul Ramsour’s home in Prior Lake
Jun 18 - SATURDAY – Stated (Minnesota Work) at Ted Martz' home in Burnsville. Special Time: 5PM (Subject to change), a picnic planned immediately thereafter was cancelled.
July 1-7 - Shrine Imperial, here in Minneapolis
July 14 - dark, due to proximity to Shrine Imperial and the month's parade schedule
Aug 11 - THURSDAY – Stated (Minnesota Work) at Scott Hughes’ home in Minneapolis.
Aug 17-20 - Midwest Shrine - in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Sept 16 - back to Friday – Stated (Minnesota Work) at MWB Jackson’s home (Oktoberfest! -Traditionally celebrated from Sept 15 to Oct 15.)
Oct 21 - Stated (Minnesota Work) at the home of WM Clif Bailey in Lakeville.
Nov 29 - TUESDAY – Stated, Annual Meeting (Minnesota Work) at Lake Harriet Lodge Hall (Elections and a Table Lodge to celebrate Churchill’s birthday.)
Dec 16 – Stated (Minnesota Work) at the home of Tim Jirak in Plymouth. Holiday meeting and installation.
Additional dates: on the first Thursday of the month, Clif wants to continue a tradition started by WB Ramsour, of meeting at Perkins at 494 and France for breakfast (or another location as announced.) This year, plan for it, 7AM start, on the first Thursdays except for the month of January. See you on: Feb 3, Mar 3, Apr 7, May 5, Jun 2, Jul 7, Aug 4, Sept 1, Oct 6, Nov 3, and Dec 1.
Churchill’s death is remembered each year on Jan 24, noting that somber day came in 1965. His birthday is celebrated on November 29 or 30, depending on calendar coordination. We look forward to renewing our annual remembrance of our patron’s birth, missed recently.
So, mark your calendars, gentlemen. We’ve avoided some Fridays in the summer so as not to conflict with your cabin plans. And let us know if you can host! Huzzah!


Addresses, meeting notes, minutes and last-minute changes will be on the website.
What could make these date change? As British Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan said, “Events, my boy, events!”  We anticipate opportunities will come up, and will look to make the most of them. 
What to wear? Dress appropriate to the weather, certainly. A sportcoat for winter, spring and fall meetings will mark you as a man of distinction and style. Wear a black suit for Grand Lodge, Emulation Degree performances or other big events. At the Royal Ascot, men and women dress “to the 9s,” as they say.

2020 and 2021 Churchill Mtg dates

2020 and 2021 were challenging years.  Noted below were the planned meeting dates of those two pandemic years, many of which were informal meetings held via Zoom meetings. Our records were in some disarray for 2020 and 2021, so as we rebuild these we will cleanup the following list, for posterity.
2020 was the early pandemic:
January? - Stated?  Had been scheduled at the home of John Gann, in Bloomington.  
Feb 21 - Stated meeting moved to the home of John Gann, in Bloomington. Had been scheduled at the home of Sujit Varma in Edina.
March 20 - Appears to have been a Zoom meeting.
April 2-4 - Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge, at the Masonic Home and the DoubleTree in Bloomington. This was adjusted into a virtual meeting with electronic balloting, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
April 17 - Zoom meeting
May 15 - Zoom meeting
June 19 - Zoom meeting
July - Zoom meeting?
Aug - Zoom meeting?  Paul Ramsour's home?
Sept 18 - Stated meeting, at the home of MWB Thomas Jackson, in Lino Lakes.
Oct ?
Nov ?
November 29 or 30 - S.W.C. Birthday toast at Marlin's Rest? (TBA)
Dec 18 - Stated Meeting?  At the home of either Joey Torkildson in Shorview or WB Andrew Brennan in Wayzata.

2021, the second year of the pandemic:
In 2021 things got better toward the latter half of the year, and we met at the following locations, on Fridays unless otherwise noted:
Jan - Zoom meeting?
Feb - Zoom meeting?
Mar - Zoom meeting?
Apr 17 - Stated meeting, at the home of MWB Thomas Jackson, in Lino Lakes.
May 14 or 21? - In person or Zoom?
June 17 (Thursday) - Stated meeting, at the home of WB Paul Ramsour in Prior Lake
July 23 - We may have met.  Details? Or were we dark?
Aug 12 (Thursday) - Stated meeting, at the home of WB Ted Martz in Burnsville.
Sept 17 - Stated meeting, at the home of MWB Thomas Jackson, in Lino Lakes.
Oct 15 - Stated meeting, at the home of MWB John Gann, in Bloomington.
Nov 19 - Stated meeting with election of officers, held at Lake Harriet Lodge hall, in Minneapolis. 
Dec 16 - Annual meeting at the home of Andrew Brennan, in Wayzata. WB Clif Bailey was installed as 2022 Master.
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