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Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar...

...But sometimes it's more than a smoke.
“Brothers, a cigar is not just a private pastime, but the start of a conversation…“ This was the advice of Grand Master Jackson when he handed out cigars to the Masons he met during his term of office.“...If you take this cigar, you're telling me you will enjoy it while talking to another brother about how to improve your lodge.”
We follow that advice, in that smoking for smoking’s sake isn’t our goal, but instead, many of us enjoy a carefully selected 'stick' in the great company of the brothers.
Our conversations have a purpose. Yeah, we talk about work, our families, sports - manly stuff - but we always come around to the topic of our lodges.
A good cigar, for many of us, helps that conversation along.
One of our pallies owns Golden Leaf Cigar Shop, and we’re pleased to send him our regular business. The smokes pictured in our desktop humidor include some nice Marco V's, an excellent house brand found at Golden Leaf. Others in the photo - and in our humidors at home - include St. Luis Rey, La Gloria Cubana, or Rocky Patel cigars of any type. One of the fellows swears by the Perdomo Habano line. Another likes fat 66 ring gauge Nat Sherman 'Bankers', and a third is partial to Cain products. We all like Opus X - who wouldn't? - and occasional rare and aromatic selections from a certain island 90 miles south of Key West. So close, yet so Foreign! Our Chief Humidor Officer can help you pick a stogie that suits ya!  Speaking of our friend Matt...

Relaxing on the Veranda with Matt

Matt Vegdahl, recently returned from another testing excursion to the fields of Honduras, has agreed to write an occasional column for the many cigar aficianados who visit our website. In addition to his role as Chief Humidor Officer (CHO) of the Chairmen, Matt serves as president of his own Twin Cities cigar club, and we turn to him often for his sage advice on all aspects of that greatest of diversions, tobacco.

Some of the favorites smoked by the Chairmen include:
Saint Luis Rey, Serie G, Reserva Especial 6x60
Marco V Platinum Grand Reserve
Oliva Serie G, Churchill
Rocky Patel "Decade"
Partegas Serie D, No. 4

Check below for reviews by Matt and the gang. Favorites will get special mention.

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The Fifty Best (many categories)



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