Manly advice from Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack.  The Chairmen Shrine brothers collect a great deal of wisdom from cultural icons like Sinatra and men of his generation.  This posting, for now, will be a place to collect these little gems.  Our first item is on Wearing Hats: 

The way you wear your hat
“Boys, lissen’ up: These days, with fedoras again in style, it’s important to know when to take off your hat. Followin’ these rules will earn youse guys respect from the older brothers, and a lady will know ya got class and aren’t a doofus. Basically, a guy wears his hat outdoors but takes it off inside. So what if ya got a bald spot? – I do; who cares. The exceptions are, you can wear it in a saloon, or an indoor shopping place – whadda ya call it – a mall, a train or bus station or the airport. The old rule was that it was OK to wear it in a saloon because that wasn’t a place you’d meet a lady. But since the War, things is changed. Take it off in a sit-down restaurant or at church, or an office. A gentleman always doffs it – tips it momentarily – when ANY lady walks in the room, as he stands up when introduced. Also, at a parade, a gentleman takes off his hat when he stands while in the presence of the Flag of our Country. This is true for baseball hats as much as fedoras. Got it? —Frankie S.