I’m delighted to continue serving Churchill Lodge, now as Secretary.  in mid-2021 my friend, Wor. Gordon Creese opted to retire from that role, where I had been his assistant.  Now, striking “Acting” from my signature line, I serve as both lodge Secretary (beginning in January of 2022) and as webmaster.

This has prompted an opportunity to update all our various forms, and the language on our website, now that Churchill Lodge has been a going concern for over 13 years.  We’ve a fine record of success, not least our crusing through the COVID years (Annis Horrendum?) of 2020 and 2021.  I am thankful for the brethren who have stuck by us during those lean times, when most of our meetings were held via Zoom.  The Grand Lodge offered forbearance on muddling through our business as best we could, and it appears that 2022 offers us a chance for revitalization.

We shall seize the day!

I am also thankful for the officers who served so diligently, most especially Wor. Paul Ramsour who held the reins as Master during both pandemic years, as well as my predecessor Wor. Gordon Creese, and our treasurer, Wor. Jason Berger. They, the other officers, the past masters and our rank and file members are all men of skill and distinction.  

For those browsing through our website, I’ve made some textual updates to the About Us page, updating links and adding content.  We continue to mull over the nature of our lodge, the exercise of which is instructive for our newer members. Maybe it is best that we target broadly the things we can and should do, rather than tie ourselves to one aspect of our British affinity.  So ours is a mixed bag of interests: Foreign lodge travel and awareness, Churchill and WWII history, Emulation ritual work, and discussions about what makes a model lodge. 

We are pleased, too, that our uptick in activity and a robust schedule of meetings has resulted in six petitions at this writing.  Further, we are gratified that the brothers are caught up in their dues, even if billing was interrupted for some time. 

In polling the members the officers and I have asked whether strong interest continues in practicing the Emulation Work which we learned in the early years of our lodge.  For exemplification purposes only, still, a comparison of the rituals is quite fun. Some of the brothers have inquired about visiting a Commonwealth nation, as a Masonic group. All of us are interested in gearing up for improved meetings, the fine dinners that are served in conjunction, and the educational programs that are likewise “meat on the bone.”  We have a new Lodge Education Officer, Bro. Joey Torkildson, who would be pleased to learn of your interest in a subject for an evening’s discussion, and even more, your interest in leading that discussion. 

We are exploring other ways to promote the lodge. We are pleased to offer stylish black polo shirts with our mark. New pins and ties are forthcoming, and we look forward to announcing some items that are not yet public. It will be a fun year.