Join us for Churchill’s Birthday Toast!

We’ve planned an event for Churchill’s Birthday that will SURELY become the highlight of your holiday season. Your officers are proud to announce our 2012 celebration of Our Esteemed Patron’s Birth, on Friday, November 30th in the company of both the Zuhrah and Osman Shrine cigar clubs – the Chairmen and the 70-70s, respectively. Guests and ladies are welcome!

The two clubs have planned a wonderful dinner at the Lost Spur Country Club, owned by Osman Shrine, located just southeast of the airport at 2750 Sibley Memorial Highway, Eagan, MN 55121. Our celebration will include a social hour from 5:30 – 7PM, a plated PRIME RIB dinner (with veggie options available), entertainment, a high-end scotch tasting AND two dueling cigar reps who will attempt to earn your loyalty and your business! Bottle raffles, a cash bar and heated outdoor smoking lounge will also be provided. Readers should note, Osman’s new ediface is a wonderful facility, and should be considered by all metro lodges seeking a hall for their big events.

Check out the stunning posters below celebrating this event

Those who respect Churchill’s legacy may find comfort in these dark times by meeting to toast his legacy at his birthday each November 29th or 30th. Admirers may bring a 2- or 3-minute topical story about Churchill’s life to any suitable gathering on that day. These stories, followed by a toast, would be a fitting tribute.

It’s somewhat a myth that Churchill drank as heavily as commonly understood. A drink in hand was often a prop, meant to lull his detractors to drop their guard, allowing him to stay sharp. He learned, as a young officer serving overseas, not to trust the water, and as did many men of his era and earlier, they therefore got their liquids in the form of beer or water/tonic with a little alcohol to kill the unfriendly bacteria. In fact, this is the origin of highball cocktails or mixed drinks. As a statesman, when he did imbibe, Churchill’s favorite drinks included champagne, brandy or scotch, of the latter preferably Johnny Walker Red, which he diluted with much water. Any of these would be a suitable libation for those who partake.  He smoked several brands of cigars, and was fond of Romeo e Juliet as one favorite. He’d smoke an average of eight per day, either long or short lengths, and smoke them about half way through unless using them, again, as a prop to bother an opposing speaker.  It would be most fitting of us, on that late Autumn day each year, to pair our birthday toast with a cigar unless such twin pleasures are banned by those whom Churchill would immediately deem fascists: those who would shackle our freedoms.

Churchill is as important an icon in the fight against global fascism as George Washington was in the fight to free the New World from colonial oppressors. We contemplate him in that context.

Readers may use this poem and script, with attribution, freely, IF they mention that this event was started by Sir Winston Churchill Lodge #351, AF&AM, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Notes on Churchill’s Birth

Sir Winston Randolph Spencer Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace, the ancestral home of his noble family, the Spencer-Churchills. His parents were encamped there on a lengthy autumn visit prior to the birth. They were related to the current occupants as cousins through the 7th Duke of Marlborough, although the Palace itself had passed on to a more direct descendent.

Baby Churchill was born, very healthy, under the care of a local country doctor at 1:30AM Greenwich Mean Time, on Monday, November 30th, 1874. For purists here in the US, the exact time of his birth anniversary, calculating for the time shift, applicable daylight savings schemes, etc., would be 7:30PM Central Standard Time of the day prior, but we’ll determine when to celebrate based on member convenience, either on the 29th or 30th. –Churchill was a pragmatic man, and would have thought our reasoning acceptable.

His youthful parents had planned that the fortuitous baby would be born in London’s fashionable Mayfair district, giving them a few months’ last hurrah in The City, but the house rented for this purpose was not yet ready for the family’s habitation at the time of the birth. Humorously, throughout his life, Churchill enjoyed the guessing game played by his detractors over the fact that his mother may have been up to three months pregnant with him at the time of her wedding, although his parents kept to the story that Winston was born prematurely as the result of 7th month sporting and dancing exertions on the part of his mother.

2010 Celebration of Churchill’s Birthday

It is the tradition of Sir Winston Churchill Lodge #351, to gather annually in celebration of the birth of our patron, and raise a glass in a toast to his memory.

You are all warmly invited to join us in memory of Sir Winston Churchill.

In 2011 we celebrated on 11-30 at Osman’s Lost Spur Country Club, as we will do in 2012.

In 2009 and 2010, to celebrate this event and pay homage to our namesake, we gathered on November 29th. Brethren and guests told stories, and delighted in the man, Sir Winston Churchill, at the Happy Gnome in St. Paul, Minnesota, located on Selby, two blocks east of Dale (or two blocks west of Western Avenue). Then, precisely at 7:29 p.m., the actual moment of his birth in the UK, MWB Tom Jackson, Past Grand Master of Masons in Minnesota, regaled us with a poem written to mark this occasion.

The SCRIPT for the evening is below…



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A Toast
To the Memory of Sir Winston Churchill

by Thomas C. Jackson (c) 2009

    To Sir Winston Spencer Churchill,
the Last Lion, he was named.
Wresting power from the feckless,
and the Clarion from the shamed
He taught us; led, inspired us,
“Shoulder on, men!,” he exclaimed;
Thus by Fortitude, Bravery, and Honor,
was the Scepter’d Isle sustained.

May his memory and example,
lead us to greater still, works
of noble English courage, for
the West needs heroes;

and ever, ever, ever will.