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I left this folder out for ya.  The items on my desk are fer youse boys. All ‘a youse Chairmen can use ’em if you have a good reason. You have my permission. ‘Cept the letterhead, which is reserved for Official Business: OK? Nuttin is legit until it has my signature, capice? –Or “88 Keys” Dan’s, Tommy Two’s or “The Prussian” Shane’s in my absence. If you’re a registered user, another stash of documents will open.

There’s a blank petition here, so’s if you’re a visitor you can sign up to join the gang. Buddy, if dat is you, go ahead and print it. You can bring it to a meeting or send it to Tom “Tommy Two” Jackson at the address on the form.

Last, anyone who stops by should read our CSO’s primer all about Frankie. It’s good for a guy to know about the Chairman of the Board, ’cause we may ask ya.  -Nels



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Petition to Join the Chairmen2022/11/16Download
Zuhrah Shrine Petition2022/11/16Download
Chairmen Logo, w/ red Fez2022/11/16Download
Chairmen Logo, B&W2022/11/16Download
Chairmen Lifestyle Poster2022/11/16Download
Chairmen Letterhead2022/11/16Download

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