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Coming Attractions!

Unless we announce otherwise, our meetin’s will be held at Cigar Jones in Wayzata, or Jax Cafe in NE Minneapolis, or Anthony’s Pipe and Cigar Lounge, which youse may recognize as the ole’ Minneapolis Golden Leaf tobacco store, at 907 W. Lake Street location (near Bryant Ave.). If it’s a nice day we may use the outdoor patio near Anthony’s, or a restaurant next door. Board members show up OR meet by appointment for a quick ‘nosh as early as 6:00, but the (short) meeting starts at 7:00. On nice evenings we sometimes linger for a cocktail at a nearby pub.
In 2022 plan on meeting the second Wednesday of each month, at 7:00PM, as we unwind from the pandemic lockdowns.
Chairmen Unit calendar for 2022:
January 1, 2022, All-Shrine New Year’s Day Breakfast
January 12, Chairmen Meeting (at Jax Cafe, NE Minneapolis)
February 9, Chairmen Meeting (at Jax Cafe, NE Minneapolis)
March 9, Chairmen Meeting at (at Jax Cafe, NE Minneapolis)
April 13, Chairmen Meeting (at Jax Cafe, NE Minneapolis)
June 15, Chairmen Meeting (at J.D. Hoyt’s, Minneapolis)
July 1-7, Shrine Imperial, various locations in Minneapolis
July 13, Chairmen Meeting at (TBD -Shane’s Island), see the Events calendar for instructions, or call Nels or Shane

August 10, Chairmen Meeting (at Jax Cafe, NE Minneapolis)
September 14, Chairmen Meeting (at Jax Cafe, NE Minneapolis)
October 12, Chairmen Meeting (at Cigar Jones, Wayzata), budget meeting

November 12, Chairmen dinner with the wives. Mancini’s, St. Paul, 5:30PM
November 23, [new date] CEO’s social smoke (at Cigar Jones, Wayzata)
December 14, CEO’s social smoke (no business)
December 24, Annual Gentlemen’s Lunch, elections, at Jax Cafe, in Minneapolis, 11:30

We’ll post location changes and the details on the Events Calendar we share with Churchill Lodge, as they are set, plus any special events that come along.

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