Sir Winston Churchill Lodge, #351, of Minneapolis, chartered in 2009 (as was Gen. Douglas MacArthur Lodge #352 of St. Paul), is Minnesota’s first of two new evening lodges to have been founded in over 25 years.

With an original plan to limit the lodge to sixty men, Churchill lodge is an affinity Masonic lodge, organized around the themes of British Ritual and quality: Affinity Lodges are notable by their adoption of a particular theme. By British ritual we mean specifically the popular Emulation Work that is used throughout England, the Commonwealth, and in lodges worldwide of the English Constitution. By Quality we endeavor to provide a high caliber experience at every meeting and special event.

Themed lodges like this seem to work the best of all extant forms of ‘new model’ Masonry in the US. The affinity lodge model, where lodges gel around a certain theme, was popularized by the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia as a way to increase member interest and participation. As proof, for the better part of twenty years (!), D.C. has founded similar ‘purpose-driven’ lodges: like clockwork, one every 18 months. Other valid models do exist, including Traditional ObservanceBut one might ask, isn’t a “T.O.” lodge simply another affinity model?  And as a be-all, end-all reformation model, T.O. surely hasn’t shown nearly the same level of broad adoption, viability, or staying power as would be required for a Fraternity-wide revitalization yet. That discussion continues.

As a mentoring lodge, Sir Winston Churchill Lodge #351 will partner with other local lodges in Minnesota and outside, supporting the growth of Masonry and lodge leadership wherever we can learn from or assist each other. Most of our members are past masters, and a number have served in volunteer office in service of the Fraternity. Can we help you?


For more information, please read this primer and the About Us page. As we develop our website, these first pages and related links will serve as a start. We intend to use these online tools to bare our dirty laundry — really, what do we care if non-members see the process? It isn’t sausage making. We’ll share our discussions as we determine our future, recording our deliberations for those who may wish to avoid our mistakes, join the conversation, and follow in some or all of what we do.

Clif Bailey, Master

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