Listen up!

The Chairmen proudly sponsor Sinatra Hour on Jazz88-FM, which you can hear from 6:00 – 7:00PM Saturday evenings in the Twin Cities at 88.5 on your FM dial, or on the ‘net via their streaming signal. Click the logo at right. Our promo ads now direct listeners to our website. Members and guests, please have a look around with our compliments while you enjoy the show. – Jimmy “The Oak”

Sponsorship and Scholarship

Our Chief Information Officer, Steve Miller is presently collecting donations and volunteers to assist with a forthcoming KBEM scholarship contest. Please see him if you are interested in helping. He’s listed on the Contacts page.

Read all about it

Some of the gang post the occasional word of advice to the blog we share with them Churchill Lodge fellas. Link to it here, and when you are ready to come back, click on the little Shriner Fez at the bottom of the page.

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