2012 Summer Planning Session!

Our good brother, Ted Martz, offered up his tidy little cabin near Crosby, Minnesota for a welcome planning and fellowship retreat.  The meeting took place of a formal July meeting, and was held July 27 through 29 of 2012, allowing us to relax up at the lake.  The particulars, and a map, as sent, prior to the event, follow:

Ted sez: Some of the guys will trickle up to the cabin Friday afternoon/evening.  I’m usually up there between 3 or 4 PM.  I have about 4 beds upstairs and a couple in the basement.  For these, it’s first come/first served.  (There’s a couple of beds on the main floor— one that I reserve for myself and one for anyone who can’t do stairs……  that said, if everyone up there is able-bodied, the Master might use his prerogative and claim it.)  Guys should bring their own bedding and/or a sleeping bag.  (Essentially, no one is going to do laundry up there.)  If all the available beds are taken, there are 2 or 3 couches and a lot of carpeted floor to throw a sleeping bag on.  Some of the Lebanon guys pitch a tent down by the lake and sleep in there, and Churchill men are welcome to do the same.  Besides bedding/sleeping bags, I also recommend that attendees bring their own lawn chair.  This is for sitting around the fire, etc.  Some of the guys come up Saturday.  It would be nice if there was an event coordinator so we know how many are coming up and when they might be arriving.  [Hint, this is a volunteer opportunity…]

I usually have a brisket on hand for food on Friday.  It’s something easy to keep warm all evening as the guys arrive at various times.  Lebanon Lodge has a food committee who is in charge of Saturday’s meals (breakfast, snacks, evening meal) as well as Sunday breakfast.  They generally ask the attendees to throw a certain $$ amount into the kitty to cover the meal expenses.  Everyone seems to pitch in helping with the clean up of the dishes, etc.

I typically start the basics of a bar but ask that everyone bring something to add to it.  This is particularly true for beer drinkers as I don’t keep much of that on hand.

As for activities, the only thing that sometimes gets organized is if some of the guys wish to go golfing.  Typically, one of the golfers organizes a foursome or two, gets their commitments and reserves tee times at one of the courses in the area.  The cost of all this is on the golfers.  Some guys bring their boats.  I have room for two more boats at my dock.  My pontoon boat is already docked there.  Some of the guys like to go fishing or boating but again, that’s up to them.  (If anyone plans that, I’d suggest that they bring a life jacket.  Otherwise they get to use the old beat up ones I have on hand.)  Other guys just lounge around the place and watch the cooking crew do their thing (I generally do a smoked turkey which takes about 6 to 7 hours).  In the evenings, we tend to sit around the camp fire.  I may ask some of the guys to bring some firewood but I’ll know more about what we have on hand by that time in July.  As you can see, it’s pretty laid back.  For those who are used to doing everything according to an agenda or a schedule, it may take them a bit to ease into the void of relaxation.

The cabin itself is a little stucco house built back in the ‘30s.  I’m surrounded by fancier, bigger, and newer cabins but mine is all paid for so that says something.  There’s one bathroom with toilet and shower.  Again, I ask that everyone refrain from using the woods or surrounding vegetation as a substitute for the toilet.  Similarly, I request that we keep the noise level down after dark.  We are in the midst of replacing the deck off the porch and I don’t know what the status of that effort will be by the end of July.  We’ll just have to live with what we have.
Click HERE for a map.

Please write to the Secretary to RSVP, and to indicate if you can help coordinate cooking or other logistics.