Are we going to Las Vegas, or what?

Our CEO and CHO have both suggested their interest in a trip to Vegas some time in 2023.

We think it would be a terrific tribute to Sinatra and the boys to plan this as an occasional meet up location for any Chairmen units from around the US.  We’ll need an organizer, but with such a group of pallies like you boys, that shouldn’t be a problem.  Figure on a cost of $1,000 per person, spread among hotel fees, food and libations, and gettin’ there.  Who’s up fer it?

Grab the pen on my desktop on the home page, and write in your suggestions…

Now, our long-term plan for the Chairmen is that when a number of Shrine Temples have formed their own Chairmen units, we can all coordinate to meet up at the Big Smoke, or hold one of our own.  An All-Chairmen pilgramage to the new Sands hotel would be just the ticket.  Whaddaya say, daddy-o?  See the Contact Us page for a little more information on starting yer own Chairmen unit.

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